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a y u (7:33:17 AM): yeah dude like the first time i went out, we were just chillin at a spot and the cops rolled by, parked in the middle of the road and turned their lights on and i was like “oh shit” but my friend was like “ehhhh” and we just stayed until the cop left
a y u (7:33:23 AM): just chilled
a y u (7:33:27 AM): its fucking stupid

japan.  >_>


so went sliding for the first time in a few weeks the other night!  didn’t go so well x_x
drove through cal, visited darryl, then got to the drift spot,  went for my first run; clutch kicked and started sliding, then clutch kicked again and caught grip and drove right through the bushes and over a dirt mound X_O.  no damage really, i’ve had worse making u-turns over curbs.

but worse part is that the under steering kept happening all night.  so i stopped and jonathan started doing donuts and standing burnouts to kill his tires.  prettyy funny.


Rest In Peace Darryl Gainer

You will be missed

You never let anything, anyone hold you down.  The fastest on Cal, and always looking for ways to get faster..
No words can express how much it hurts.

Rest in peace.